Add a random quote to your Email Signature

The Text snippets organizer “PhraseExpress” can also store email signatures for use with any email client or web based email application.

The are many benefits of using PhraseExpress for this task instead of the signature feature built-in most email clients:

  • You can manage your signatures centrally with the Network Edition
  • Signatures can be used in any program not just the one email client you are currently using.
  • PhraseExpress makes it easier to select from multiple signatures; e.g. if you have separate signatures for personal vs. business purposes or if you have signatures in different languages.
  • Your signature templates can be enriched with dynamic contents such as a random quote or additional text automatically scheduled by time-/date, such as a seasonal promotional offer.

Here is a video tutorial how to create a signature with your written signature and a random “Idiom of the day”: