Insert a future or past date or time within a text snippet

PhraseExpress cannot only insert the current time or date but also output a date or time that is in the future or past.

Here are two examples (assume it’s a Thursday and the time is 10:45 PM):

  • If the Autotext is “in one hour”,  the required macro function would be {#datetime -f t -s 1H}. The text that will be pasted after you type the corresponding Autotext In one hour will be 11:45 PM.
  • If the phrase text is “Three days ago was a {#datetime -f ddddd -s -3D}”, the text output will be “Three days ago was a Monday“.

You can add or subtract years, months, days, hours, minutes, or seconds. This can be easily configured with the macro input dialog as shown in this step-by-step tutorial video:


P.S.: Please do not miss our other video tutorial about the date/time stamp function. It will show you how you can output the current time or date by just pressing a hotkey…