Launch programs with text shortcuts

Program Launchers have become a popular software utility category.

Personally, I have never understood this idea for a simple reason: Why install an extra utility for a task that can be done in Windows already?!

Ever hit the WIN-key on your keyboard? Just try and then begin to type the application’s name you want to launch. As you can see, Vista already comes with a “Program Launcher”!

Anyway, PhraseExpress can also launch programs by entering a text shortcut if you want:

Benefits of using PhraseExpress as a Program Launcher:

  • You do not need to install yet another application for that task.
  • You can also open file folders or websites by shortcuts
  • You can share your program launch shortcuts with others with the PhraseExpress Network Edition
  • The program launch feature can be combined with any other PhraseExpress macro function.