Variables for Easier Templating

Stay tuned for big improvements, we are working on in PhraseExpress.

A new ligh-weight variables system makes phrase templates much easier to read and to edit.

Form elements and macro program code can optionally be stored in a new type variables.

Variables holds all the clunky macro code and can be edited with a easy-to-use user interface without ever touching a single line of code.

The central Variables Manager is embeddded into PhraseExpress and allows you to access and edit all variabels in one place.

Variables Manager


  • Macro code can be separated from static phrase text for better readability.
  • Variables have a very easy short syntax [[MyVariable]] and can be intuitively named as you want.
  • No need to create helper phrases for externalized code anymore. Everything is accessbile from a single phrase.
  • The new variables work on top of the existing powerful macro engine without compromising compatibility of your existing phrase library. You work in either system and optionally migrate to variables as you want. Helper tools will assistent with migration.

The system is being introduced for a major client and will be considered for being made available in a future PhraseExpress version. Please drop us a mail if interested.

Update 02/06/2018: We are now evaluating how to slip this amazing new feature into the current production version. Stay tuned.